Why to invest anything in a customized flooring system?

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I hope you know by now (from the picture below) that I’m going to talk about floors in business environment. With more focus on industrial use of the business premises.

Floors play an important role for structural and aesthetic qualities of a building. But when it gets to business, Function of a floor turns out to be the major area of interest.

At a business site, employees spend most of their time walking, operating tools and machines, or moving stuffs on the floor. A proper Function of the flooring solution for such business is to keep entire floor safe for employees and also production. Other possible functions may be even more sophisticated.

for instance;

At manufacturing/production sites, fluid spill, abrasion, and moisture or contamination account for some of major concerns. An ideal function that can protect the whole area from such risks can be provided by a proper flooring system, such as Epoxy and Urethane; which together offer flexibility, ease of cleaning, and also the toughness for possible wears and scratches.

An art gallery or a museum may need to inspire people to spend more time in front of art pieces, and also encourage them to walk toward different sections of the premises. A proper function for a site like this can be found in decorative flooring systems, such as polishing. Bundled with a good protective sealer, polished floors can keep their promise for many years.

What can be done?

Thanks to different coating systems it’s become considerably more viable, economically speaking, to install a new decorative or protective system. To name one benefit from many; these floorings can be customized to satisfy almost every requirement. Most of the desired solutions can be bundled into one flooring system.

Beside all praised benefits of a coating flooring systems, I have come to believe that short Downtime is viewed as the wining point for many of clients. Fast curing coatings can help to avoid long shutdowns or disruption to the business, saving the the owners/managers time and money.

How to find a perfect match for your floor?

Each business faces a unique challenge depending on the industry they are in or the business model they follow. We all know a perfect match is not found, it is manufactured. So;

All it takes, is to start by finding everyday challenges of your business environment. Here are the some of possible examples;

  • For food and beverages production facilities; moisture and contamination control can be a sensitive subject. All the health and safety standards should be accounted in for drafting a proper flooring solution.
  • At manufacturing plants; heavy foot/vehicle traffic is a part of the business operation. Wears and scratches are a common thing for many business sits. A lot of dropping incidents may cause damage to a concrete floor. Leaking fluids (from tools & machines) can propose safety and health risks.
  • For galleries or offices, long lasting clean look of a flooring system is one of primary expectations.
  • For warehouses; Lack of safety line markings can cause a lot of risk and confusion for visitors, and also employees. The nature of warehousing business may bring up abrasion concerns. The workflow needs to be taken into account while designing for safety line markings.

For any floor that serves more than ten to fifteen people a business day, there could be a flooring solution that can enhance and protect values that are important for the business.

Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility as a business owner or a manager to fully understand the needs that are important for your business operation. People like us are here to help you understand what solution can be promising for your needs, and what it takes to install that flooring system properly.

Don’t be shy to ask questions.

Intangible benefits/values;

An acceptable flooring solution for a business is what that upkeeps its promise over years of serving the business. There are usually some brand values that you may want your employee or potential customers to associate you with. This could be safety, sanitation, tidiness, durability, or trust. A well-engineered flooring and line installation can help with positioning your brand value over years.

Where to start?

Find out what challenges at your business are linked to the state of your floor.

  • Slippery floors always increase the risk for safety.
  • Traditional flooring that are not seamless may allow the collection of dust, debris which can impact the business productivity. Cleaning and maintenance can cost a lot of money and time.
  • Durability of the traditional concrete floors are great but joints, where two slabs come together, can always get damaged. Threatening look, workflow, and safety!
  • Flexibility is missing in many traditional flooring solutions. Some flooring systems are expensive to fix if they get damaged for any unaccounted reasons, such as incidents. A stain on a bare concrete tend to stick forever, they are hard and time consuming to get cleaned.
  • Static Discharge is a major concerns for facilities that use electrical equipments, electrical resistance should be carefully considered.

Don’t be shy to ask questions.

Best of luck

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