Epoxy & Urethane Flooring Systems

-Resistant and easy to maintain.

-Cost-effective solution.


-Easy installation.

-UV resistant. (Urethane)

Concrete Resurfacing With Epoxy Mortar Flooring Systems

-Minimizes dirt and chemical penetration.

-Resists temperature extremes.

-Resistance to chemicals, acids, alkalies, fatty greases, salts and solvents.

Concrete Floor Polishing & Grinding Services


-Durable, stain and dust resistant.

-Environmentally friendly.

-Prevents falls.

-Long lasting beauty.

Safety Line Marking Services

Mark walkways, aisle ways, hazard zones, loading areas, crosswalks and areas of high forklift traffic.

Industrial Flooring Services

Special Flooring solutions engineered for client’s needs.

Special Flooring Services


-Fast Turnaround.

-Cold Temperature. Installation


-Thermal Shock. Resistance

-EDS Flooring System.

-Slip Resistance.

Concrete Floor Surface Preparation Services

Preparing the floor for proper bonding with the applied coating.

Diamond Grinding Floor Preparation Services

The process is used to shave off the concrete surface. In the process surface irregularities, coatings, minor pits and divots can be removed.

Shot Blasting Services

This machine strips off a thin layer of coating. This process is a clean and environmentally friendly process.

The shot blasting process is a dust free process.

Concrete Floors Scarifying Services

The scarifying process uses a machine with hammer type rotating blades. These blades beat the floor to remove old coatings and toppers.

Concrete Floor Crack & Joint Repairs

The crack and joint filling process involves the use of epoxy and Polyurea crack and joint filling materials. These can effectively repair all cracks, cover joints and create a smooth seamless concrete substrate.

Concrete Floor Cleaning & Power Scrubbing

These machines use rotating brushes and MAF approved detergents that are able to cut through, loosen and remove dirt and grime

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