Industrial & Commercial flooring solutions.

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For industrial, we are talking about any type of business that requires some sort of manufacturing, moving and storing products or the initial production ingredients. This may relate to any sort of activity from metal fabrication process to other area of production such as food related manufacturing process. Where lots of machinery processes and maintenance is the routine.

For commercial, we are referring to the concrete floors that are meant to be designed and their main use would benefit businesses at environments such as galleries, automotive showrooms to Restaurants and bars.

Regardless of commercial or industrial nature of the business, all good working environments should have one thing in common. A well maintained, concrete floor.

These concrete floor are always built to serve a general purpose but for a long time. Providing a solid flooring system for both your employees and tools/machines has become the basic standard for every business in last few decades.

Concrete floors are great! However the only imperfection they suffer from is that they were not designed to provide high standard safety at work, functionality, or maybe the aesthetic your business environment demands for.

A concrete floor easily absorbs stains. When it does, it is really hard and costly to get it back to the look it once had.

Fortunately there are many systems for keeping concrete floors great in look, physic, and function. This is usually achieved by planing and installing a custom-design coating solution. Solutions may offer;

  • Extra protection agains abrasion, or heavy foot traffic!
  • Providing more safe surface for the employees to work and walk on,
  • Increasing the resistance of the floor against spilling incidents such as chemical fluids.
  • A desired look that keeps its aesthetic for many years to come when it is installed and maintained properly.
  • Being able to choose from a wide range of physical features, and benefits while keeping the beauty of it.

Here is why a good concrete base floor is the most important requirement for achieving an ideal flooring system;

Concrete floors are made of concretes, yes that was obvious! we all know that. But what I did not know was that after years of walking on them they tend to collect germs and derbies that can affect the physical treats of the concrete floor. Many years of walking and moving stuff, and the concrete floor may become slippery, risking the safety of people who work there. Few years of handling chemical components of the manufacturing process and you end up having contamination and chemical residues on the floor that can impact the quality of your products, and more important the health your employees.

The initial phase of considering a coating, or polishing solution for your concrete floor is to understand what your needs are, and make sure you know how that solution is going to help your business.

This can be done by asking a professional inspector from an industrial/commercial flooring company to pay your business a visit.

He/she can inspect your existing floor to;

  • Understand the condition of the concrete floor, possible former damages
  • Understand your business and what your business is trying to achieve
  • Listen to your needs and challenge
  • Provide you with feedback and recommendations of why a specific solution would work for you.
  • Finally she or he can provide you with a project proposal that is custom-made for your business.

Read More; about Steps for achieving an ideal flooring solution.

Best of luck

You can always get more help from industry professionals. Never feel shy to ask a consultant why a flooring solution can be beneficial to you. Feel free to reach us at 416-880-2564.

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